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  1. more of you guys should be unemployed, then EVERY DAY is friday! *edit: and EVERY HOUR is HAPPY HOUR!!!*
  2. ^^ agree- get the book first! read it twice, then start. we spent around $100 on our first kit. probably added another $100 since then. do not get a mr beer kit. its too small and youll outgrow it in a month and you cant reuse hardly any of the stuff for a real kit. we use northern brewer mostly- good stuff, but get the yeast locally as we dont trust it through the mail. where are you? perhaps we can steer you to a local place?
  3. What do you want to know? There are a few people at my office that have it. We have our own energy department. No one else has it that I know of. I can ask them if you give me specifics.
  4. Congratulations! He's adorable- did I miss his name? Man we engineers are a fertile bunch! They just keep coming!!!
  5. This is my last Friday of unemployment. It has been fun and I'm going to miss it :-(
  6. I was just going to mention Dave and Busters. Food is marginal, full bar is great, and there are several lanes of skeeball. No ball pit though, but with enough beers that's okay with me!
  7. Sorry no pics. I'll see if anyone else has any. It was pretty funny though. She's a lawyer now :-D
  8. My old roommate has her PE stamp on her butt.
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