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  1. Damn! That's brutal news. He will be missed. RIP VT
  2. I hope the dude with the sweet comb-over in the ad photo is not one of the EB admin. Just sayin'
  3. That's a sweet ride. I like the color too. We bought a new 2011 back about 15 months ago. Same color. I love the thing. It might ride a bit like a truck, but that's what we need here in the mountains. They are very capable off road. Ho ho ho.
  4. Gets cold in the desert at night. You could see a dusting of snow which would make for great photos. Another easy BP food idea. Can of chili, corn tortillas and oil. Heat and serve tacos
  5. I hear in Virginia guys on the AT got shot at by moonshiners.
  6. There are awesome books on the various sections. At least there were at REI in 1993-94. FWIW, I remember folks doing sections and a parent hiking in ahead of time to cache food and supplies along the way. I'm sure it made it easier for the little ones. There were also cool huts and shelters in some sections. This eliminates the requirement for tents.
  7. I wanted to do the entire trail and studied up on it during the end of my senior year of college. Right after graduation I spent a little more than a month from MA to the NH/ME border (I forget w/o checking/finding the journal how many miles, but it was ~ 400ish). These sections were tough, but temperature was easy. I heard fgrom 'thru-hikers' doing the entire trail that the south was so hot that they would recommend starting in the north and heading south. They said it was easiest to hike at night. It must be great to hike sections in the Autumn with leaves and everything down there. Th
  8. Tomorrow looks slow. So it's Friday here too!!!!!!
  9. We won't be able to use the company box seats and drink beer the entire game on the company's dime.
  10. Damn, now Hockey looks like the season will not happen due to another lock-out.
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