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  1. I know I already passed b/c I was able to look it up online. But I am starting to get frustrated with the lack of a letter showing up! Has anybody else not received their letter yet? People in other states have received their CA letter! Anybody else in Irvine or SoCal still waiting? I just want to have the physical document in my hands!
  2. I know there isn't a scrolling board, but I thought I'd post here anyways! I passed the 8 hour exam 2 1/2 years ago in NV. Now I passed the seismic and survey in CA! Congrats to everybody else who heard good news!
  3. I checked the license look-up website and I am all done! 8 hour exam passed in Nevada a few years ago 1st try and now the seismic and survey passed 1st try. I'm stoked. Congrats to everybody else that passed. Good luck and keep studying hard to those who need to take it again. You'll get it done!
  4. has anybody in Irvine received their results yet? i checked the mail today and they weren't there. also, do you think it takes longer to get the mail if you have it sent to your office as opposed to your residence? i move too often, so i had my stuff sent to my office. on a completely different note, congrats to everybody who has passed in Cali!
  5. I found the ASCE 7 VERY useful for the Seismic Priciples exam. If you have to invest in one, I would invest in the ASCE book.
  6. I dare somebody to call the board and ask them when the letters are going to be sent...ha! watch out though, they might trace your call and give you a failing grade for the test!
  7. congrats to everybody who has passed this year! hope to post again in this topic in a few weeks when i get my results from CA! until then....
  8. The second postcard can take any amount of time. But I'd say a month or so after your first one is received.
  9. It's really disheartening seeing the scrolling board above of who has passed the PE.
  10. I really don't like the Board in California. Taking that long to grade the tests is ridiculous.
  11. On Figures 22-1 to 22-14 in ASCE 7, do you divide the number on the contour by 100 (since countours are in percent gravity) to get the correct Ss and S1? Thanks.
  12. i was just saying that it sounds rude when you start a sentence with "first off" and then tell me what i was talking about, that's all
  13. guys are hilarious. you don't even know me, but that's ok. you guys win anyway.
  14. it sounded rude to me at first, but if you say it wasn't, then it wasn't. that's the problem with message boards.
  15. Kevo, First off, thanks for being so condescending when you corrected me between the IBC and the UBC. Secondly, thanks for the rest of the information.
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