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  1. Ok, need your help, I am helping out a friend / small time flipper address its city comments. I am having issues touching it as he already have an original engineer sign and seal the mechanical plans. His issue is, He's already went back and forth to the city several times since back June addressing their comments but there is always issues and he's tired already and want me to help him out. My dilemma is can I assume the work like redrafting the plans and stamping it on my own to address some of the comments, or do i need the permission of the original engineer? or if i could not reach
  2. As the title suggest im stuck in a job that really doesnt do engineering , well kind of. They want me to sign and seal shop drawings for them but doesnt really discuss salary, and not comfortable with that any tips that i could do on my own to make money? I dont have experience opening my own business any tips i would really appreciate that
  3. I guess its a Florida thing insurance asked me to replace my roof or they will drop me, so i did
  4. thank you for the response, not mine, my brothers house. i was told even if i can sign and seal foundation of my house i cant do it in my own house because my home insurance wont let me
  5. Can a mechanical engr discipline that took hvac PE sign a foundation for a home addition in Florida? i am very construction oriented person, just want to get some inputs / comments.
  6. I bought the same exam and i failed quite terrible with this exam 36 out of 80, then i looked into the solutions, i had some problems that is easy but i messed up on the units, but only a few. The one that bugs me a lot of questions came from ashrae 90.1 which is like 300 pages and i wasn't ready for that. and there is some questions particularly with food properties are full of errors like not noting which is the freezing temp. all in all not happy with it. but its definitely different from six minute solutions and engineer pro guides questions.
  7. So did you do all the engineering pro guides question? Full and final exam, and look up exam and study guide questions?
  8. i feel the same way hehe please provide feedback with this exam
  9. No not at all thats why probably i get so little of that system and components as there were terminologies that im not familiar with
  10. Actually i just bought your full exam practice and Holy cow i printed it in the office and it become like a thick book im looking forward to solve and get more information. I just dont know if i have the will power to do this again in October... im drained financially and emotionally from this last exam..
  11. Thats what I told my wife i know i answer correctly all that psychrometric chart questions thats why im confuse i only get half right. During practice exam with PPI and ncees sample exam i got that everything right because most of it is pure look up and plug in the numbers off the chart. Thanks I will look into those ASHRAE charts because during exam i was scared to use my own charts thinking i might accidentally write something on it so I only use the chart provided during exam.
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