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  1. Ouch. Couldn't get in huh?
  2. I agree that it was a bad idea, but I think the worse idea was having two "Big #" conferences. If they had unique names, the number would be irrelevant. Like the Big East or Big Sky conferences? That would make far too much sense. Think about it...these are the people that brought you the BCS system. I like the Big Money Conference
  3. You better listen to him, he's pre-med. I thought he was pre-law.
  4. I completely agree. I even took my old trig book with all the formulas on the inside cover. I used it at least a couple of times during the exam.
  5. If they list the 1989 version as a reference for the exam, then I believe that's the one you need. I couldn't find a copy of that book anywhere when I took the exam, but still was able to pass without it.
  6. I passeed on 4th try. One thing that I think helped me was reading and rereading each question to make sure I was answering the question they were asking (even sometimes underlining it in the exam booklet). You might know how to do a problem, and feel good about your answer, but perhaps they changed the units on you. You can bet your wrong answer will be one of the answers listed on the exam.
  7. Trashman

    CA Results

    Last time around, I received the results on Saturday, after the Thursday meeting. Some people in northern CA were posting on Friday that they received their results. It appears that last time they actually went out Thursday after the meeting.
  8. Better yet, just get rid of the crossing.
  9. If you check out the NCEES site, they don't even list solid or hazardous waste as a topic for testing.
  10. Guess what? They updated the database!
  11. OK. Now I have 25 Posts! Thanks again to everyone.
  12. Passed. California - Civil - Took 5 time to pass Seismic section. Thanks to all who support this Board!
  13. Got the letter today in Socal...Passed!!!! Only took 5 times!!!!
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