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  1. Thank GAWD. Today has been a total $#!+ show.
  2. I now have three sets of friends whose kids have "eloped" because of COVID. Just the immediate family.
  3. I would really be more worried about the choice of airline more than anything else with travel. Southwest seems like they are going above and beyond compared to others for air travel during the pandemic...I haven't flown any where, yet, but Southwest will probably be my only choice.
  4. Check out Scott Tinker's organization here...https://switchon.org/ He's got some great discussions on what the future of energy might be particularly as it relates to the energy in developing economies. https://switchon.org/films/switch/
  5. New shop truck...Probably keeping the patina for a while.
  6. Trying to stay off the grid as long as possible, leg...
  7. Man. That was just wrong. Also, just FYI YOU lost the game, too.
  8. Haha. I got busted by the Census lady like a month ago...She pulled up in my drive and we couldn't get out.
  9. Last meeting done. TGIF.
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