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  1. PASSED! Architectural Engineering Thanks everybody. And by the way, if there is anyone out there who has doubts, I was SURE that I failed .................
  2. Congratulations guys :Banane20:
  3. DIDN'T COME TODAY Jackson, TN
  4. Building design. Medium/large manufacturing facilities and distribution centers.
  5. My heart stopped for a second .. yes, a very sick feeling. I had a guy in my office who took it too... same with him.
  6. So ... if I'm in Jackson Tennessee ... what are my chances of getting it by tomorrow, do you think? 100 miles or so away.
  7. Here is the email: Mr. Winters, They were mailed out this morning. Thanks, Cindy Toombs Board of Architectural and Engineering Examiners Administrative Assistant Reg. Boards 1 615-741-3221 or 1-800-256-5758 Cynthia.Toombs@tn.gov In an effort to improve our service, please rate your experience with the Division of Regulatory Boards by completing the brief survey at http://www.state.tn.us/commerce/boards/survey.html. Your feedback is appreciated. >>> Patrick Winters <pwinters@hmcompany.com> 7/2/2009 2:40 PM >>> Cindy, I know h
  8. Who did you speak with?
  10. CRAP!!!!!!!!!! RIDICULOUS.
  11. Well...... I just broke down and emailed Cindy. Will let you guys know the results.
  12. You calling us out k4? I think so... Anyway... pretty sure I failed the test. I would like to know so I can go on with my life though. Can't retake my exam until next April anyway so it would be nice to be able to forget it for a while.
  13. Or worse ... .I could get the [angry] "Can I have your name please?" Me: "Uhhh .... nevermind..." [click]
  14. Actually that's probably true. But I'm too chicken. Besides, I'll probably end up hearing something like, "I WAS going to have them out today, but people like you keep calling and asking me... "
  15. Anybody know if they were able to get them mailed out today? If not .... didn't Wanda say it would be next week? If they were able to get them mailed out today, some of us may get them tomorrow..
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