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  1. It's all about luck. It's amazing how the oddsmakers are usually so good at setting a line that it really is 50/50 most of the time.
  2. I guess reading this tells me why when I missed the opening round of games I still somehow managed to maintain my position. Not happening this week though. Mine are in.
  3. Would it be possible to lease out part of the big office for the time being and eventually expand into that area in the future if the growth is there? That is what my current company did some years ago. I would imagine that the lease helped to cover the rent for a space much larger than they could use. I would agree that location is very important. If one is in an area where it could be valued far higher in the future, e.g. highest point in town, rather than in the middle of an industrial park it seems that it might be a better facade for potential clients.
  4. A long time ago I built one off of components found on pricewatch.com. I don't know how good they are anymore though.
  5. Agreed on that one. The dad is hilarious too. Our DVR is set to record every Fringe, Sunny in Philly, Modern Family and because the fiancee likes it, Eastwick. I tried to start watching Flash Forward, but it just couldn't keep my attention.
  6. I'm not entirely sure why the upstairs would be larger, however, unless the upstairs is sealed off from the downstairs you would get a significant amount of flow through your stairway area. I would say that it is likely that it needs a larger unit in order to make up for those losses while the downstairs unit benefits for the exact same reason. I did a lot of HVAC stuff in college as I graduated as a ME but I have been in the civil field too long to remember everything. This is just my educated guess.
  7. It's a vicious circle I'm sure. You take the kids, they want to leave. You don't take the family they are probably mad at you for going without them. On a completely different note, I just thought I'd announce that apparently in my upcoming wedding I will now have a cousin in-law who is a UCLA cheerleader. Just met her over the weekend. Definitely fits the mold out there.
  8. This was a good week for a comeback, wasn't it Parks? Too bad we stunk it up so bad the first week. New slate this time around.
  9. If the stupid bears would have just won I'd have taken $40 in my office pool. Oh well. At least my Chefs gave Baltimore more of a game than I would have expected.
  10. Is "Ten Wins, No Excuses." done after this year? Probably feeling that seat get pretty warm.
  11. I just wish I was better at making picks.
  12. I saw that one last weekend. I loved Brad Pitt in it but the rest really didn't do it for me. I thought that much like most Tarrantino films it was excessively bloody, not that it really mattered that much to me, it just could have probably got the same plot across with a little less grossness. I also thought it was pretty slow in a lot of places and it felt pretty long. In my opinion, not a good enough film to pay theatre prices.
  13. At least it is now a party of 3.
  14. I know that that had to hurt to write that. I thought that you would probably win it last year, but it is still tough to write that about your rival. We do get the Nubs at home as well. However we still have the brutal side of the south with OU at home and UT and TT on the road. If we take one of those and take care of business in the north, we should be in. If we somehow manage to go 2 out of 3, I would consider us a lock. (I don't expect to get 2 out of 3 though.) You never know what to expect though, I wouldn't see it as in-feasible for any team in the north other than KSU and ISU to win. I
  15. Agreed on the game being worth something. I graduated from KU in 04 so I got to see the glory days of Terry Allen and the period where Mangino was working to resurrect us from the dead. My best year that I witnessed was a 6-7 season where we got shellacked by NC State in the Citrus Bowl. Yet I went to damn near every game while there, rain or shine. I can honestly say that even though we lost against you guys two years ago the game was fantastic for the fact that everyone in the nation was watching us play, and it had Title implications. Never thought I would be able to see that happen.
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