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  1. Please, if you did not pass the first time, DON’T GIVE UP! It took me twice on the FE to pass and 4 times on PE. I passed the PE just before I turned 50 and I am now retired. It was worth trying that fourth time and made a difference in the last chapters of my career. Don’t give up. Don’t get discouraged. Pick yourself up and make a good plan based on solid advice (given above and other places in forum). Stick to your study plan. Work problems for most of your study time. It will force you to look back and learn what you don’t know without spending a lot of review time
  2. I passed on my fourth attempt before I turned 50. I’m cheering for anyone trying again!
  3. We have no food delivery options to our house.
  4. Expectation is a blessing, not a curse.
  5. Happy birthday and don't feel bad about the number. I have fond memories of my late 40s!
  6. Bumping this old thread up! My son-in-law was diagnosed with testicular cancer for the second time 3 weeks ago. The first time was 4 years ago before my daughter married him. I never knew that there was a self-exam. I never knew that testicular cancer is mostly found in young men (18-30 or close to that). Having a close family member talking very openly about testicular health in the last 3 weeks has made me want to share some information with you guys. Check yourselves! If you don't know how, Google it. Testicular cancer is very treatable.
  7. ... a wonderful Christmas time!!!
  8. I am giving to several people (who have everything and are hard to buy for) “The Best Jar Opener EVER” as defined by me - oil filter pliers.
  9. Pizza and beer help make a bad week better! And a recliner. 😊
  10. I guess I should stop saying "FUCK, NO" in meetings.
  11. Terrible week! I have been so busy at work. My husband has been very busy too and we've both worked a lot of hours. We get home at night and just talk about how worn out we are.
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