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  1. Thanks y'all. The hardest thing right now is the fact that he still acts like himself. He still gets excited to go for his walk, he still asks for his food, and he still has his normal personality, so it makes it extremely hard to make the decision. I have noticed a bit of a change in his temperament and I can tell that it's bothering him a lot now, so I know that we're going to have to make a decision soon. Times like this makes me hate having a dog because it's just too damn hard! At least with a grandparent or parent you can still talk to them and they can let you know how they're feeling,
  2. It seems that the time is getting close for our beagle. The mass that we had removed back in July was cancerous and it has come back and has more than quadrupled in size in the past month. There's now necrosis on the top of it and it is starting to hurt him. It's harder for him to eat and you can tell that it has really started to bother him. Not to mention he smells like death due to the necrosis. We can handle the smell and the goopy drool that he's having all the time now, but I can't stand to see him in pain and hurting when he eats. We just started some new medicine so we're going to give
  3. Now the whiskey ain't working anymore.
  4. We watched this last night. I thought I had a pretty good idea of how social networking sites did their thing, but it was a bit eye opening to learn more about the way that they limit the things that you see or get recommended based on what they feel you want to see. It definitely gives credence to the idea that people have "safe spaces" online where they can be exposed only to things that they believe in. It's absolutely a whole new world out there and I'm still not sure how to keep my kids sheltered from it.
  5. Mini-ble1 and I just finished watching season 1 and he's already told me when season 2 is starting. Looking forward to it.
  6. We're watching The Wire right now on HBO Max (we get it free with our AT&T internet). We had never seen it and had heard a lot of good things about it and so far it's been great.
  7. ^Since my brother and his family recently bought an RV I will have to say yes, RV people are a little strange...
  8. So sorry Supe! It's so incredibly difficult to lose a beloved pet. I know that we are closer to the end with our beagle, so we are enjoying him as much as we can right now. He's been an amazing dog and it's going to be heartbreaking to see him go. Give your pups a few extra hugs today!
  9. Sitting at the pool with a cold beer. This is nice!
  10. Thanks everyone! We just picked him up. He did great and is happy to be home! They are sending the growth off for analysis to determine if it's cancerous, so that's the next wish that we have. We're praying that he doesn't have something bad.
  11. So our little old man has recovered very well from this incident thankfully. The only real effects that we still notice is the fact that he has a head tilt to his right side. However I would like to ask for prayers, thoughts, or whatever for this guy because he is having surgery today to remove a growth in his mouth. The doctor is thinking that it could be cancer, but there is still hope that it is benign, so that's what we're praying for. I hate having to put him under anesthesia at his age, but it's really the only way because the growth would eventually interfere with his ability to eat. So
  12. You don't remember?? It was terrible.
  13. I'm ready to quit for the day as well, but I did take a 2 hour beach break, so it's not too bad. TGIF!!
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