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  1. In short, the answer is yes. For a per-unit calculation, all of the impedance values have to be converted to a common base before calculating total system values.
  2. The only investment I have regarding Bitcoin is/was coincidental. I bought NVidia stock back in 2011 before the concept of Bitcoin mining was a thing. I Ihaven't sold it so I have neither gain to brag about nor loss to cry about.
  3. So I was pretty impressed with the power increase in the car for the few miles I put on it before loading it on the trailer and bringing it home. The boost controller has two programed set points (hi and lo). I misread the book and thought I was ripping around on the "hi" setting. I was not. After unloading the car today, I took it for a spin on the "hi" setting. All I can say is 15 psi of positive manifold pressure gives that little car a serious kick in the a$$. I'm still giggling like a little kid.
  4. It’s not a coincidence that I have almost no clue what any of you guys are talking about when the subject is sports or just about any popular TV show. 😀
  5. Just picked up the car from the engine shop. Getting an alignment done before I load it up and haul it home. I forgot just how much fun this thing is.
  6. I'm at the point where no amount of organizing is going to get my 10lbs of crap in a 5lb bag. I'm considering a trip to Harbor Freight and increasing my storage capacity. I'm not a huge fan of their tools for long-term use but the U.S. General tool boxes they have are pretty nice for the money.
  7. We have a 2015 Pilot that we bought used at the end of 2016. It's basically a boring and bullet proof Honda. It's coming up on 100k miles and so far I've replaced brake rotors and pads, rear shocks (one was leaking oil), and spark plugs. The only one that caused me to swear was the one spark plug with the coolant line running directly above the coil pack. I was a little annoyed at that the phone interface in the 2015 Honda was far more clunky than the on in my 2013 Ford truck. As far as driving it, it's a shoe box on wheels and handles like a bull elephant but that's comes with the de
  8. I managed to drive my car across town with a non-functioning clutch. Mine was working fine until I stepped on the clutch and it just didn't disengage. Shifting gears sans clutch is pretty easy with a little practice. Just have to pay attention to ground speed and engine speed and don't force the shift. One of the skills I learned driving POS farm tucks as a kid.
  9. ^Hydraulic clutch? Not sure about newer cars but you may be able to adjust it to get a little more life out of it. I had one behave the exact same way. I went with a new clutch since the one in the car and over 120k miles on it.
  10. Dogs have owners. Cats have staff. That is all.
  11. You are correct, they are all fiberglass. When I made that statement, the picture in my head was a '66-'70 Chevelle or other A-body. Although I'd also be pretty happy with a '67-'73 Camaro. I like the looks of the Corvettes from those years, I just don't want to own and maintain one.
  12. If the sales guy isn't being a pest, something is wrong on their end or it's already sold to somebody else.
  13. ^I like the looks of the pre-73 C3 'Vette but I'd rather have something from the late '60s with a good old fashioned steel body.
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