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  1. That Twin Peaks in Vegas closed. Now where am I going to see boobs in Vegas?
  2. That's correct, and a good observation from an engineer. My wife is not an engineer! Hopefully we get most of the jars back though.
  3. Hell no, we don't even come close to using all those canned tomatoes. We use maybe 20 quarts tops. Giving the rest away. Hopefully we'll have the same luck with the cold shock. It's supposed to be up to nearly 80 again for the next couple weeks. Wife is now on a salsa kick since we don't have much to do with all these tomatoes and there's probably another 15 to 20 quarts worth left to harvest if it doesn't freeze before they ripen.
  4. First frost came Saturday morning. We got the tomatoes and peppers covered with blankets and they seem to have survived. So far we've canned 35 quarts and 8 pints of tomatoes, a couple pints of pickled okra, a pint of pickled jalapenos and three pints of green tomato salsa. Canning lids are a victim of pandemic hoarding but fortunately we stocked up before they disappeared.
  5. @Road Guy I'm not sure if a rear defroster will help a lot without a wiper back there? The rear wiper on my XJ stopped working a long time ago, and even with the rear defroster I usually can't see out the back in the winter because the window gets covered in salt residue within 5 seconds of driving. But maybe they don't use as much salt over there as they do here.
  6. The bean is pretty cool... for about 5 minutes.
  7. It seems Chattaneer has a different taste in music though. Hmmmmmmmmmmm Is Canada Goose really a fake account of @leggo PE's? They both seem to have an obsession with Taylor Swift!
  8. I accidentally stumbled on the Gum Wall. That was gross.
  9. I remember spending one cold February night watching the Paulding Light. No reason to return a second time. The Mystery Spot is advertised all up and down I-75 so a lot more people know about it.
  10. Mine are mostly mp3s I downloaded on Napster.
  11. I heard Alabama is going to allow 20% capacity in their stadium? My wife's a big Cubs fan and we've been watching their games religiously. I'll say it's a bit odd to not have fans in the stadium, but you get used to it pretty quickly. But then they show a clip from a prior season and it's pretty jarring. @leggo PE The Cards schedule is crazy with all the double-headers! It's got to be brutal on their pitchers, but at least the double-headers are only 7 innings. Cubs just played 5 games with them in three days, which gets them almost caught up; they have one more DH with the Cards
  12. We had this problem with tomatoes last year. There's a number of things it could be, e.g. not enough fertilizer, too much fertilizer, or tomato blight. They also need a lot of water, but if you use a sprinkler that can promote fungal growth on the leaves. Last year we used a sprinkler on them every day and the older leaves turned brown and died though they still produced into early September. But this year we switched to soaker hoses (with a layer of mulch on top) and so far the foliage is still green (knock on wood.) That's for the tomatoes in the garden. Our container tomatoes, on
  13. I work for a utility in an overhead org, so paid overtime is pretty much nonexistent. The only time we're paid overtime is a true emergency, e.g. storm work or if a VP approves it (almost never.) That said, if we're consistently working more than 50 hours per week we might be able to justify help through contract resources.
  14. Sorry, but I have to disagree. From : Another way to look at it is if I drive 100 miles in Montana I have a specific chance of dying, which is lower than, say driving 100 miles in Kentucky. If the denominator is # of drivers, then the statistic is only accurate for a person who drives the average number of miles of all drivers in that state, which seems like it would typically be a resident of that state--though admittedly some people may drive a ton of miles in another state without
  15. It's relevant yes, but fatalities per mile driven is relevant too. E.g. if 200 of the 500 people who die from traffic accidents in Montana are people that don't live in Montana (e.g. tourists or truckers), then being a native Montana driver isn't as dangerous as the map suggests. Tracking the fatalities per mile driven wouldn't completely solve this, but at least it should take into account all the miles nonresidents drive in the state. I'll say I'm a helluva lot more scared to drive through Chicago than Casper, WY, but the map makes me think WY is way more dangerous. Illinois has a lo
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