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  1. Yes, and he claimed he didn't have a place for it in his new house, which was as big as this one.
  2. I bought my house from a nurse anesthetist. Some of the simple things I had to walk him through, makes me scared to ever have to be put under if that's the intelligence level. He also really, really wanted me to buy his office desk, from a furniture company named..... "Winners Only"
  3. Use EB's affiliate link!
  4. Looking at the JBL Boombox. Don't have a decent outdoor bluetooth speaker. The thing with this type of sale is it tempts me to buy stuff without fully vetting it.
  5. Speaking of squirrels, I hear they're good eating so I'm thinking of trying some squirrel hunting this fall. Sounds like fun with my .17 HMR. Anyone have a good recipe?
  6. My wife did a bunch of turnip greens this year, and I have to agree. I like collards but turnip greens are too bitter.
  7. One of the field techs I work with swears by using a thermos to bring along soup. Maybe a way to get some hot food when you're tired of the cold options. Of course, they also have to work outside in the snowy and cold Michigan winters and you won't have that problem.
  8. That Twin Peaks in Vegas closed. Now where am I going to see boobs in Vegas?
  9. That's correct, and a good observation from an engineer. My wife is not an engineer! Hopefully we get most of the jars back though.
  10. Hell no, we don't even come close to using all those canned tomatoes. We use maybe 20 quarts tops. Giving the rest away. Hopefully we'll have the same luck with the cold shock. It's supposed to be up to nearly 80 again for the next couple weeks. Wife is now on a salsa kick since we don't have much to do with all these tomatoes and there's probably another 15 to 20 quarts worth left to harvest if it doesn't freeze before they ripen.
  11. First frost came Saturday morning. We got the tomatoes and peppers covered with blankets and they seem to have survived. So far we've canned 35 quarts and 8 pints of tomatoes, a couple pints of pickled okra, a pint of pickled jalapenos and three pints of green tomato salsa. Canning lids are a victim of pandemic hoarding but fortunately we stocked up before they disappeared.
  12. @Road Guy I'm not sure if a rear defroster will help a lot without a wiper back there? The rear wiper on my XJ stopped working a long time ago, and even with the rear defroster I usually can't see out the back in the winter because the window gets covered in salt residue within 5 seconds of driving. But maybe they don't use as much salt over there as they do here.
  13. The bean is pretty cool... for about 5 minutes.
  14. It seems Chattaneer has a different taste in music though. Hmmmmmmmmmmm Is Canada Goose really a fake account of @leggo PE's? They both seem to have an obsession with Taylor Swift!
  15. I accidentally stumbled on the Gum Wall. That was gross.
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