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  1. Years ago on the Pepacton Reservoir in Downsville NY, a fisherman fell asleep in his boat. He awoke to the bump, bump, bump the bottom of his boat was making against the spillway. It was a few inches of water going over the 100' + spillway that drops down over 50' and then vanishes down a tunnel. From what I understand, he put some effort into rowing his boat to shore. The City of NY (they own the upstate reservoirs) do not allow motors of any kind on boats.
  2. Just add "junior" to your character's name. LOL
  3. I keep everything but figs off of the screen. I have imported maps from Pintrest, scanned maps from modules and in some cases used my CAD to create maps in layers to allow travel in dungeons
  4. Everyone's military was destroyed, who could argue?
  5. I certainly plan on visiting, my grandfather was born around there.
  6. Dany gets mad at Tyrian for releasing his brother. She sentences him to death by dragon fire. We come to find out that Tyrian's father was correct all along. Tyrian does not burn up in the fire. Tyrian, being the eldest is the true king.
  7. Ah, the Starbucks "coffee". It is that bad no one would notice if it were poisoned. Good point!
  8. while their arms were entwined, why didn't Missandei hang onto Cercei and jump off of the wall?
  9. Arya takes out Qyburn and takes his face. Leaving her room to approach Cercei Jamie plans on killing Cercei, last minute, he can't do it, however, Arya comes from behind and stabs one through into the other. Killing them both in an embrace. The Hound and the Mountain duke it out, the Hound discovers he can generate a flame blade. The Mountain freaks out. Danny attacks from directly above, Scorpions don't have the arc to shoot straight up.
  10. Sundays from 1:30 pm to 8 pm. I have three game tables, one of which has a flat screen table in it to move pdf maps into. The screen becomes the game board. One is an oval table for what would be considered "family games" and the third is a bar height 4 x 8 table I use for battle / strategy games.
  11. We call it "Dungeons and Dragons Physics". No need for a good explanation.
  12. Why should he? He gets more action than anyone else.
  13. what does the party need? To fill out the ranks.
  14. Have played them all, never cared for 4th, 5e is great for Conventions. We played Pathfinder for years, I only went to 3.5 because I have piles of modules, even most of the Living Greyhawk.
  15. I am running a 3.5 campaign, I even built a digital game board, makes importing game maps from Pintrest and game sites. What version are you running?
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