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    In my spare time I enjoy experimenting to reproduce Tesla's Blackbox and trying to complete Einstein's Unified Field Theory.<br /><br />If have a few too many and get really crazy, I like to poke holes in the theories of Hawkings and Michio Kaku.<br /><br />Favorite books: "Quantum Mechanics for Morons" and "Women: Aliens or Demons?"
  1. I was just wondering how much studying the exam requires and how useful they consider the certification. Thanks.
  2. Seeking info on the CEM test. All I know about it is on the AEE website: If you have the Certification or know any details, please respond. Thanks.
  3. Hello, are you guys reading the posts at all or just grabbing stuff up? Don't just ask to have the answers sent to you, email Dr. Kaiser for the answers. I have them but I am not emailing them out. Dr. Kaiser simply asks to have you conact him for the answers. Considering all the time he put into making the exam and answers, is that asking too much?!
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