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  1. College Football (well the SEC games) has been pretty good the last couple of weeks - not sure when the Bad 10 and the WUSS 12 play?
  2. ^- because its what heros do... generate the memes... in a non meme post, found this little tidbit of data for my state (which seems to be in conflict with the CDC RIsk Factors) but looks like staying away from any type of in home healthcare / prison / ambulatory care facility is the way to go.. & maybe they are mixed in with other, but "gyms" isnt on the chart.. as always I find the data really interesting..
  3. are those on the phone or the PC?
  4. i have no clue whats going on with the google sucks ads!
  5. lol I think I would have to find a bar just to have the full set up, even if you miss a day for traveling or other stuff. I cant do anymore home quarantine workouts though, if they go in that direction again I am just going to get fat again.
  6. I bought the nike lifting shoes that have the little insert in them, but they feel awkward as Fuck. I thought you were supposed to keep weight in your heels, but this feels like its lifting them forward a bit - maybe they just take some getting used to.. now you just need a bar and you will have a great home gym start!
  7. wonder what was the benefit of them doing all that? trying to get a little more power out of the 4 banger? I drove the daughters jeep today to see how it rides after putting all the new (ish) shocks on it - i bought a used Rubicon suspension and have been slowley putting it on ( the bolts on her jeep (08) do not like to come off - but noticed that the heat runs while the jeep is moving but at an idle it blows cold air? Going to do so internet searching but I wonder if she also needs a new thermostat also? If it was the heater core you would think it would never blow hot?
  8. Since I have a size 13, I can usually get good deals on them on clearance, but they are usually ugly as F colors
  9. Was this Aldi or Whole Foods?
  10. About half way through Utopia (Amazon) - really good in a weird comic book comes to life and kill you kind of way.. hope it doesn’t turn into “the maze runner” series..,
  11. I would have liked to have kept her but it wasn’t practical - up until my kids started leaving for college there was never a lot of room for an extra car- but now;) those LJ’s will have people fighting over them at around $15k out here - crazy.... got the thermostat done - about an hour - not bad... here’s to hoping that annoying bird drinks some of the fluid that ran down the driveway....
  12. If the workout calls for 53 lb KB and all that is left when you go to grab one is a 55Lb’er then that makes it an RX+ workout right??
  13. I later had this painted black and added a slight upsize to the wheels but I can’t seem to find a pic- but the only things I didn’t like on It was the leaf springs. but I’ve been really thinking about getting a TJ or early JK 2 door and making it a solid off road (37’s) vehicle and weekend driver and getting a regular car for my daily driver- would probably get the highlander back from my older kid and help him get something else.
  14. glad you got it out or have a plan- can you still find parts for the YJ’s these days? I’ve actually had issues getting parts for my JKu- has to wait on a wiring harness (to the starter) that something chewed through for 4 months - I’ve got change out the thermostat on my todo list this weekend as well- $25 part that will probably involve 2-3 hours just to get all the crap out of the way to get to it
  15. Thats what Sheela's was today too! Chica next to me did 150! - But I am sure Tony Hornton can do 3X that? Its an awkward as hell movement thats for sure...
  16. I am the proud owner of a new PR in the Overhad Squat category... ......drum roll please....... 105 lbs! Sort of LOL, ,but also first time we've ever really done that as a weightlifting movement (old gym didnt ever like to do them) but figure its a good place to start...
  17. what are using to determine the %? I had paid a little extra for the water sumbermission body fat test in Decemmber but that lady closed down her business
  18. And maybe this weekend will see the end of the Dodgers?
  19. I was initially shown this story by the wife and it sounds like she agreed with the accusations in the lawsuit - you dont put someone under without monitoring them, cause this is the result when you step out even for a few minutes. She has picked up some part time work in these type outpatient surgery centers and they dont give her a warm and fuzzy (but they do make her feel somewhat better about her shitty job where you at least have real doctors (trauma surgeons and such) who may have their own issues but are not straight up crooks-
  20. Do you have to assemble it? I think thats the size I made, was only $40 bucks in wood but it was more of a PIA than I thought it would be.. Probably $300 in labor. There was a class last week and something was wrong with the sign up website so too many people came, the wife had to use a 20IN - first time she used one in a workout, it took her a while but she got it done (same day I busted my shin) I told her you cant go back down now!
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