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  1. Usually We get very high winds (this time of year when the leaves fall) I’ve never had to rake the front - I don’t know where they go but they disappear before I can get to them - I figure that’s gods will or something...but the back yard for some reason the leaves are real heavy and don’t blow away... raking leaves into a bag was new to me when we moved here and I bought one of those leaf vacuum sucker things - but it’s really just faster to rake them up the old fashioned way
  2. Also we ordered a ladies bar (35lb) and some rubber plates from rogue to get us by in case the gyms have to shut down here . The lady that owns ours said if she has to close she won’t reopen - some counties are closing them again- even though there really isn’t any data that says they are a high risk - I think it just makes the Colorado Karen’s feel better
  3. I don’t know exactly but I think it was close to the city. Her dad was born in Italy (came here at a young age)- but they just had a very stale menu and that continued to our house - but it was just not very vegetable friendly (like in the south where it’s collards, squash everything, okra, turnips, etc) my dads mom was German and they also had a pretty bland “diet”- my dad was treated like a spoiled child (like most boomers) and to this day only eats about 5 different things... we made cauliflower mashed potatoes last time they were here (with some High dollar steaks& he acted l
  4. All this rice talk is making me want to stop and get a little sesame chicken on the way home......
  5. I dont know if I am supposed to apoligize in advance for talking about XF in the XF thread, but...?? Ive never been so gassed on the rower as I have today - workout was: 50 DU, 25 Cal Row, 50m farmers carry, 25 Cal Row, 50m lunges, 50 burpees, (repeat for 30 min) I got to the 3rd round and that second set of 25 cals I just didnt have shit left in the legs and took me nearly 3 min to do that last pull, where others were around 1 minute? I dont know if that was just a lot on the legs or what but it defin hurt..
  6. Our REI's are in sad shape, they closed most of them and the ones that are open are bare! I feel like I totally wasted the summer bike season - especially waking up to 22 deg this morning, oh well, March will be here soon enough! We doing Ragbrai next year right? Ill get YMZ on the Shirt design asap!
  7. So the daughter said we should put together a team for this next year - I didnt know this was a thing! This seems weird - 100 years ago a woman is buried at the top of a mountain She was apparently buried poorly, storm washed her coffin down the road - now to "celebrate" her life they recreate her coffin race? You son of a bitch I am in...
  8. decent amount of ice on the roads this morning, CDOT was defin nice and cozy in their beds asleep today!
  9. That woudl be cool to do! Id like to be able to run them when its not peak season with 50,000 people from texas on them - I think most of the bad incidents on these are just when people pass each other or do something like this case and get out of the vehilce, not use a spotter in the really tight corners. But there are tons of trails that are not in telluride that are just as difficult if not more but they dont seem to get the sexy feel as the ones in Ouray / Telluride. When you see the mountain bikers show up then a few years later they start bitching to the Countys that the
  10. I am down with most of those meals - we were doing really good before the Rona - we were both more concsious about the eating, we were strong with Chicken / Pork with Cauliflower Mashed potatoes (so much so that our kids were verry annoyed and they learned to make their own mashed potatoes) - Even though I am from the South, my mom was born in NY so squash and such was never a part of our meal plan and its been hard for me to adapt to that as an adult - but we did a ton of weird stuff with zucchni this summer (no not "that weird) Do you get good core just from the mountain climbe
  11. its on my list to do, but I think a 2 DR Jeep would be best, you can see these switchbacks are just hard for anything with a wheel base longer than the original mining vehciles these were built for - you cant really see the drop of here, but I have heard backing up is a bitch, cause you dont want to end up like the video we were in Telluride / Ouray this past summer and there were so many vacationers staying local that the sherrif was checking vehciles at the entrance to Black Bear Pass and turning away unsuitable vehicles
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