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    SE Exam Scoring Workshop

    Still nothing in NY
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    CT show me some love!!

    So when you look up your name and have a license number but still pending status that does not mean you passed the exam?
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    CT show me some love!!

    They have added new license numbers to the CT license lookup. Research your name......
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    Passed in NY...But Now What?

    I believe you need to wait for a license number. At this point all you did was pass a test but not yet licensed. I believe if you put PE on your name prior to a license number it is false identification.
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    NJ PE Licensee trying to get NY PE License

    I just did the same but in CT from my NY license. Without a NCEES record you have to file the forms and verify your current license as well as schooling and work experience. The NCEES record stores and verifies this information so you don't have to go through the hassle every time you file in a...
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    Pay Raise?

    Does not look like my company is looking to raise my salary at all after passing the PE. Any others out there get a raise?
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    Freshly minted New York State P.E.s post here

    Still waiting on my license number! After I passed the test they made me submit a updated Form 1 because mine was over 5 years old and that was a week and a half ago! So frustrating......
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    Freshly minted New York State P.E.s post here

    Passed! Civil-Structural Albany
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    Lets help to those who didn't pass this time......

    I passed the Civil-Structural exam and for anyone looking to take this exam I highly suggest this book - All-in-one Civil Engineering PE Breadth and Depth by Indranil Goswami, Ph.d . It is a very helpful resource
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    Ahhhh....the day after...

    I feel the same way! Today is a good day! Been a long time coming and I am enjoying every minute of it :)
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    Post here if you passed

    Passed NY - 2:37 PM, New York
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    Freshly minted New York State P.E.s post here

    PASSED Civil Structural!
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    What state are you waiting for?

    Failed Lateral for the 3rd time! Test is very difficult
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    What state are you waiting for?

    NY is out