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    TFS - Live Class, try it FREE

    Our live course for TFS is starting Saturday 1/8/22. You can sign up for a free trial period for the first two weeks: no credit card info required. More details here Live Course
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    Errors in new PE-Mechanical reference Handbook V1.1

    Ok, I see now. As you have also noted, the table you linked uses the Darcy-Weisbach equation and the table in the reference handbook uses Hazen-Williams. One can find references recommending C=150 for Hazen-Williams in new steel pipe. Using C=150 brings the results a lot closer. It is worth...
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    Errors in new PE-Mechanical reference Handbook V1.1

    @ZDG For 8-inch pipe, (ID=7.981”) with Q=1000 gpm, the Hazen Williams equation with C=100 yields 3 ft head loss for a length of 100 ft, matching the value in the table. From, Hazen-Williams for 1 foot length is: h = 10.44 (Q^1.85)/(C^1.85*D^4.87) If you plug in the numbers you’ll see...
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    Errors in new PE-Mechanical reference Handbook V1.1

    What error do you see in this table?
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    New to the Forum. PE Exam Hopeful

    Hi @GTGodzilla If you’re looking for TFS study resources, you may want to consider downloading the free sample pages from our study guide, here. In addition to the study guide, we have a free, full-length TFS practice exam which you can also download from our website. Cheers!
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    Heat Transfer study resource

    We got you covered:
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    I have so many questions…

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    Anybody Studying for Mechanical PE Thermal and Fluids System here?

    We can help you out in these boards if questions arise . However, we are much more responsive in our private Slack channel, which comes for free when you buy our Practice Problems book. You can download a free preview (more than 80 pages) of the book from our website, here: Free PE Exam problems...
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    force needed to overcome water drag

    If it’s for the PE exam (the focus of these boards) then a sphere would be a bad idea simply because the correlation for drag on a sphere is not in the reference handbook (I think) Also, we’re getting into “spherical cow in a vacuum” territory: Spherical cow - Wikipedia
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    force needed to overcome water drag

    If it’s for the PE exam, perhaps you can model it as a flat plate (or two plates) and use the correlations for the drag coefficient. Then from there you can get the drag force.
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    2019 NCEES Problem #73

    Probably a good idea to memorize that the thermal efficiency of any heat engine is the ratio of the net power produced by the heat input, yes. This is in the reference handbook in a couple of places (poorly organized, IMO). Referring to version 1.3: First, you see it in page 266 under the...
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    2019 NCEES Problem #73

    ...because that equation in the manual is valid only when the regenerator has 100% effectiveness.
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    PE Thermal & Fluid Sys.: ppi2pass prep material errors

    Hi @Minipett We have a practice problems book with over 300 problems (all of which can be solved using only the handbook provided by NCEES). You can download a free preview of 80+ pages from our website, here. The book includes full customer support for any question you might have, as well as...
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    Version 1.3 of NCEES reference handbook for Mechanical Engineering is out

    The units of dynamic viscosity in this table were correct before (in version 1.2), and now (version 1.3) they're wrong.