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    New York Surveying

    Congrats Larry... I recently passed the MD exam... but afterward found out that I didn't need to take it because I was already licensed as a PE in Maryland and dually licensed in another jurisdiction... but oh well, I'm a licensed surveyor in 1/25 of the country.
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    Dual Licensure

    It is 100% state dependent. I am dually licensed in CT and MD. However, I will never be licensed as a surveyor in New Jersey or Massachusetts, because those two states require an actual degree in surveying or at least a degree that has X number of surveying coursework, which my Civil...
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    October 2020 15k SPAM Thread

    Oh the joys of the insert various number k threads.
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    Who did this?

    I feel like come the first ice storm there will be consequences.
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    Super Bowl Squares

    Who's playing in that supper bowl thingy?
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    CA LS Exam Technical Review

    @CAPLS, if one is licensed as an LS and has taken the FS and PS in another state, do they need to take the CA surveying exam for the PE?  Also, do civils need to take the seismic if they don't do any structural engineering?  I'm debating whether it is worth my time to seek CA licensure.
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    Happy Birthday Sap!

    Thank you thank you.  I don’t look a day over 92... Also thanks to those who posted birthday wishes on Facebook.
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    Connecticut Results

    You'll get something in the mail.  You'll need to pay a fee and send it back in.  Shortly after that you'll be issued a license.  Then it will change online.  Bottom line is that you aren't licensed yet just because you passed the exam.
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    Connecticut Results

    Well, how far back did you look?  Because I can tell you back in 2014, CT was a few days behind the curb, that was when they used whatever the hell that horrible company was who did it back then.  That was really frustrating.  But even then it was better than it was when I got my PE license.  I...
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    Connecticut Results

    Barbara is a very nice and very hard working lady.  She is also diligent and has been doing this for many years.  She knows what she is doing and she isn't slacking off at the expense of your anxiety.  Seriously.  Relax.  Life will go on if you don't get results today.  Take it from somebody who...
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    Would it be appropriate to post questions "similar" to PE exam in a group for future reference?

    Nope.  I ain't touching this with a 5,280 foot pole. But seriously, don't fuck with NCEES because your career is far more important and after you get your results, you won't care anymore.
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    So I Want to Pursue a PLS License

    California is a unique state in this regard because unless things have changed, all civil PE's must take a California state surveying exam to be licensed as a civil PE.  Then, to go for licensure, you just have to meet the experience criteria, pass the FS and PS and I think that's pretty much...
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    It's Friday!!!!

    Actually, I am a country fan, the problem is, they haven't made a country music song since the 70's.  Whatever the hell they call this stuff these days is not country.  Country is Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams (Senior, none of this junior or the third shit), Loretta Lynn, Marty...
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    It's Friday!!!!

    I'm not familiar with it, but based on the title, I would say that I probably concur.