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    PE- Electrical/Computer engineering

    To my knowledge there are no preparatory courses for Computer Engineering PE. The only documents available (other than books) are the NCEES sample exam and Camara Reference book and solutions. The last option could be GATE preparation and their sets of exams in Computer Engineering.
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    50 Minute Break

    The new CBT calls for 50-minute break. We can take the break any time or is it set as 4 hours, then break, then 4 hours? Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Sam
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    Electronics, Controls, and Communications exam transition to computer-based testing (CBT)

    PE (Electronics, Controls and Communications) - Has anyone taken this CBT exam. What was the preparation strategy and which books or reference you used? Thanks. Sam
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    PE (Electronics, Controls and Communications)

    Hi: Anyone took this exam PE (Electronics, Controls and Communications)? What is the best study strategy? Which books/references did you use? Thank you. Sam
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    Computer Engineering Prep

    Thank you very much all this information helps tremendously.
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    Computer Engineering Prep

    That will be helpful  please. Thank you.
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    Computer Engineering Prep

    Hi ChebyshevII: Your success is impressive. Can you please share your own Reference Manual (the one you prepared) with us? Thanks.
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    Computer Engineering Prep

    Hi Can you please share your own reference manual with us? Thanks.