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  1. Jennifer Price

    Great Quotes

    When I worked at the DOT, we had one guy call me up and said, "I have noticed that the roads that you are putting down are black and do not match the grey roads. Is there anyway for you to change the color of the new stuff to match the existing?" I had to hit the mute button so he didn't hear...
  2. Jennifer Price

    NCEES Records Program

    No feedback yet. It says my application is still being processed. Do you know the turn-around time between processing it and sending out my package to be able to get my references, school stuff, etc.?
  3. Jennifer Price

    Reasons for failing PE?

    You aren't the only one who has done this. I remember thinking to myself...well, although I am not studying, at least I am looking at stuff related to the I'm ok, right? :) But this Board is a nice break from can come here to ask questions or to blow off a little steam.
  4. Jennifer Price

    Florida Certificate

    Yeah it does. My husband was are we going to frame it? And why did they put it on such weird size paper? LOL
  5. Jennifer Price

    Florida Certificate

    I am in NC. And yes, I got the smaller license and a wallet license.
  6. Jennifer Price

    Rapid heart beat?

    I think all of us at one point felt some physical ailment brought on from studying for this exam. I was lucky and had two - stomach problems and insomnia. Thankfully they went away pretty soon after the exam, although the insomnia came back once the letters started getting mailed out.
  7. Jennifer Price

    Sick Coworkers

    Why do people still feel the need to come to work when they are sick???? When I had the flu 2 weeks ago, I made sure to stay away from work until my fever broke (although I am sure I got it from one of my coworkers who was sick the previous week and did come in to work). Today, I get to work...
  8. Jennifer Price

    Florida Certificate

    I haven't really decided yet. I think this weekend, I will go frame hunting to see what the prices are like for custom framing. But I did like the FES frame, so if I am not inspired by anything this weekend, I will probably go ahead and purchase the FES Frame.
  9. Jennifer Price

    Florida Certificate

    Got my FL PE certificate today and holy is huge! Here comes custom framing...
  10. Jennifer Price

    Got Ink?

    I'm here...been a busy day at the office. I got to vote "yep" obviously b/c I am sporting 8 tattoos...6 of them in places that can be seen depending on what I am wearing. I love them (no regrets for me) and want more in the near future.
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    Reasons for failing PE?

    I did this method and I think it worked well for me. I actually went through the entire portion of the AM and PM part and labeled the questions with a 1, 2 or 3 (1 being the easiest and 3 being the hardest). I also wrote in very large print the units the question was asking for to make sure I...
  12. Jennifer Price

    Best Cell Phone

    I had the Treo 650 before the iPhone...agree with everything you said.
  13. Jennifer Price

    Best Cell Phone

    Nice :P
  14. Jennifer Price

    Best Cell Phone

    My hubby actually got the iTouch which he loves. We were ipod nano owners and upgraded to our respective devices. We haven't had any problems with either the iPhone or iTouch. They were both easy to set up and sync with iTunes and using them is pretty easy (at least it was to me).
  15. Jennifer Price

    Best Cell Phone

    I have the iphone for my personal phone (which I love b/c I am addicted to text messaging and I love having all my music on it) and I have all the functions such as email, web browser, camera, etc. I have a LGAX390 phone for work. It's a very basic phone but it's all I need for work (although...