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    Online Prep Course

    Try Zach Stone course out there BY FAR. I took it after failing my first time. No regrets, one of the best investments of my life. Good Luck!
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    My experience with the power PE exam

    Thanks! I took Zach's course for two months in order to guarantee the free retake, in case i need it. Honestly, the subscription time depends on how much training you need. I would say between 2 and 3 months should be enough. This COURSE IS GREAT and i owe him big part of my success. The...
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    My experience with the power PE exam

    Hello friends, I was a regular consumer of this forum and despite the TROLLS, I thank all the participants for the good information posted here, that helped me pass the PE exam last April 2019 In contribution, I would like to give my own impressions of the PE exam and give you my advices as...
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    Is an online review course worth spending?

    Hello Folks, I took the Power PE exam two times, last time in April 2019. I think I studied hard for the first time and I felt confident but I got no luck the exam day, in part because of failing to follow my strategy, including wasting time trying to solve EVERY question instead of wisely...
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    Best Power Electronics Reference

    @Messi Thank you for the link. Good stuff. Btw, do you recommend any other Reference for power electronics? I feel pretty weak in this area. Thanks!
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    I just created the 2019PEPowerExam Yahoo Group

    I'm interested, please let me know how to subscribe. I sent the email but I'm not sure it worked. My email is [email protected] Best Regards!
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    Power Electronics Materials

    Hello everyone, I'm one month away from taking the PE exam in Power and I still fell like i need more to reinforce my skills in  the "Power Electronic Circuits" topic. I have bought some good materials like Graffeo, Complex Imaginary, the NCEES practice exam, Camara(the one that comes with 2...