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    AutoCAD 2020 - MEP Tool Palette: Electrical Receptacles, Light Fixtures, Panels, etc.?

    There are many types of CAD blocks available on the internet. You can just try googling “Electrical CAD blocks” and check what you can find. our company uses autocad MEP 2018 but we don’t use the tool pallete availble from that software. We made our own CAD blocks for company standards.
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    Florida - How long to get license number after exam?

    On the email, did it say that after the application is completed, it will be reviewed by the executive director? They typically say that and it typically takes 6-8weeks
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    Florida - How long to get license number after exam?

    Yes I already have my PE number. They received my application on 12/28/2020 and got my license number on 01/27/2021.
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    LEED Resources Sale

    May I ask the reason why you took LEED exam? Did you company raised yoru salary you when you got your LEED Green Assoc?
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    CBT vs P&P Pass Rates

    That is because examiners who have been cancelled from both April and October 2020 Pencil & Paper exam (just like me) had got more time to study more. So you might need to consider that one for having the passing rate increased. We can wait for another set of passing rate for few more months and...
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    PE Licensure - Lead Time

    That I am not sure. All I know is, your education should be all completed per NCEES evaluation. That's one of the prerequisite for you to transmit your NCEES records to the board.
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    PE Licensure - Lead Time

    Thanks. Did they cashed out your check already? check your name on Sometimes the board are delayed to tell you that you already have one.
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    NCEES Record - Work Experience (working with MEPF firms) as an Electrical Engineer

    I'm just curious. I completed my NCEES record and already have PE license here in Florida. But since I have work experience only here in Florida, and I want to have a License there in New York, will they still accept my experience? What are the other things I should know if I want to be license...
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    PE Licensure - Lead Time

    Just an update: I already got my PE license from Florida Board. I submitted mine on December 28,2020 and got my license on January 27, 2021. :)
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    Supporting the EB forum! 👍🏼 . I put the other sticker at the back of my car.
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    Hello all. I am a 4th time PE exam but I am still preparing myself to finally pass

    take the @Zach Stone P.E. online course. His program is the best. Good luck!
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    Middle name on PE stamp?

    I just recently reached out with my state board. They said initials of first name and middle name is allowed as long as the surname is shown on the stamp.
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    Middle name on PE stamp?

    Hi, so I just recently got my PE license number with my Full name( including my middle name). It it required to put the full name( including the middle name) on the stamp? or is it still legal without the middle name or just putting the middle initial? Thank you,
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    The Baking Thread

    I know how to bake PANDESAL. A famous Filipino bread roll. :)