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    NCEES 121

    Typically, 3-phase voltage values are given as line-to-line voltages and 3-phase current values are given as line currents. If you are given 3-phase voltage/current/power values and they don't specify whether it's line-to-line or line-to-neutral values, you need to assume that: the voltages...
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    NCEES Power PE exam # 64

    Attached is my solution for this problem (this was previously question number 524 on the pre-updated NCEES practice exam). For transformers, the power loss equation is: P total loss = P no load loss + P copper loss P copper loss = (n * I)^2 * R = n^2 * I^2 * R P copper loss at 100% = (1 *...
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    # 73

    Normally in a balanced 3-phase system, the neutral conductor carries a sum total of 0 current because of how the phasors work. I<0 + I<-120 + I<+120 = 0 But when there are zero-sequence harmonic currents, they add up in the neutral connection point and thus add up in the neutral conductor...
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    pe exam Q 62

    To add on to what DuranDuran said above, attached is an illustration of the typical per-phase circuit analysis diagram for a synchronous motor. The armature resistance Ra is usually much smaller than the synchronous reactance Xs, and here it's stated that resistance Ra is negligible...
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    Also a friendly reminder: As part of the NDA (non-disclosure agreement), please do not discuss any exam problems you came across during the actual exam. We here at this forum would not want anyone to have their results cancelled because they broke the NDA agreement.
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    PE exam question 49

    I'll try to explain this as best as I can with what I remember Zach Stone's Electrical PE Review course taught about 2-wattmeter method. In a 2-wattmeter method, the two wattmeters are ALWAYS connected such that: They share the same common negative terminal connection point. Here, the common...
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    Advice for NCEES power exam for first time timer

    Good luck! As Dothracki mentioned above: 1. Focus on the easy questions. Skip the code questions and hard questions on your first pass. 2. Do the code questions. Skip any questions that are hard. 3. Try to figure out the harder questions as best as you can. Take the time to double-check your...
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    Advice for NCEES power exam for first time timer

    Any specific topics that you are struggling on?
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    As a friendly FYI, I noticed an email that @Zach Stone P.E. now has a random practice exam generator on his Electrical PE Review website. This random exam generator generates various quantities (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 40) of random questions from his bank of over 400 problems.
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    Recommended practice exams for CBT exam

    Not really full additional exams, but it's more like a set (or 2 sets) of CBT-style questions which I believe are part of his live course package that you would have to pay for. He does have a 1-month free trial.
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    Recommended practice exams for CBT exam

    I just noticed your first post mentioned you only have 2-3 weeks left before your actual exam time. At this point from your post, I would highly focus more on Electrical PE Review practice exams with the amount of time you have left. It is great at covering exam-prep material, and Zach Stone...
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    Recommended practice exams for CBT exam

    Do you have access to Zach Stone's Electrical PE Review course? He has several sets of practice questions, such as a full 80-question practice exam set and several sets of questions that are CBT style. Cram for PE Power Exam Set 4 is also designed to be similar to the CBT style. We are not...
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    Best references for studying the NEC as a single unit?

    I know that Engineering Pro Guides has a practice exam set specifically for code questions. It's not the Final Exam or Full Exam but is the References Exam. You can get that if you don't have it yet. It has NEC questions that cover various topics beyond the typical questions from NEC sections...
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    NEC Code 430.22

    I remember one of the PPI practice exam problems also had a similar question where the motor was not clearly stated to be continuous-duty, but the solution still used the 125% multiplier from NEC 430.22 for sizing conductors.
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    School of PE On Demand Review

    Congrats on passing! I have heard a little bit about School of PE, but not enough to comment on it. Many of us on this forum used Zach Stone's Electrical PE Review.