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This Forum was set up by private individuals to allow those taking the PE or FE exam a better place to exchange ideas and offer assistance in taking and passing the PE / FE Exam.

We all signed (or will sign) a confidentiality agreement to not discuss the test or else you risk having your answers invalidated. (Agreement listed below)

I hope we can moderate ourselves where we do not violate the terms of our agreement, however if Admins or Mods notice anything in violation of the agreement, the post may be edited. However we may not be able to catch every post.

As Engineers, I am sure we recognize this forum is in no way designed to be any sort of forum for "cheating"

Also if you see a post you are concerned with please use the "Report" button and the post will be examined.
As a reminder, when you took the NCEES examination you signed an agreement that included the statement that you agreed you will not reveal in whole or part any exam questions, answers, problems, or solutions to anyone during or after the exam, whether orally, in writing, or any internet chat rooms , or otherwise. This agreement also stated that failure to comply with this could invalidate your exam results.


Additionally, we like to have a good deal of fun here, it relieves stress.

However, please keep off topic post in the "General Discussion / Shoot the breeze sections" of the board.

Treat other posters as you would like to be treated. "Flaming", "spamming", repeatedly bumping old threads, etc, will get you warnings, with enough warnings you can be suspended and or "banned"

Further, correcting Road Guy's grammar will get you banned.

• No Libel: Libel is a false and malicious publication printed for the sole purpose of defaming a person. Any posts found in such activity will be removed and the member will be banned.


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