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  2. I can't get this answer in my calculator and I'm embarrassed but apparently I can't figure out how to do this integral either. I don't see how its simply the time multiplied to the current. I don't know why the current wouldn't be squared and divided by 2 when taking the integral.
  3. Morning felt really solid, but I'm somewhere around 50/50 on the afternoon. I know I made mistakes, but I also know I did a lot well. Anyway, at this point, I've sort of come to terms that it was likely not good enough to pass and hoping I did do enough for vertical so that I only need to redo the lateral.
  4. Homemade poptarts (blackberry jam) [recipe is smittenkitchen] Yorkshire pudding [recipe is fannie farmer] Babkallah [recipe is KABC]
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  6. Hi, it was my first time. Had construction depth. feel like the exam wasn't close as what the rest of the prep materials were focusing on. Morning was more conceptual and afternoon was like complete out of the chart. Now i am really confused that how to study for the next time.!!!! If someone could show me these questions that we had on the exam, I wouldn't even close to guess that this is the PE exam. it was more like fifth grade test with bunch of wording in it. But if the board thinks this is the right scale to check our knowledge then what else we can do. Hope we all did better
  7. Felt pretty good about the morning. The afternoon....we'll see. I feel like the concrete problem is really gonna make or break my chance at passing, was definitely caught off guard with that one. Just 8 short weeks until we get the results!
  8. Personally, I thought that the morning sessions was way harder than the Construction PM part. I felt like there were 15+ concept questions in the morning that are more difficult to prepare/predict and more about finding the right answer in your notes. For me, those kind of questions do not prove if you are a suitable PE or not, but okay, I am not the comittee of the NCEES Nevertheless, I agree that there were 3 questions on the PM Construction section that were a complete bloodbath. All in all, I hope to get around 25-28 in the AM and around 28-30 in the PM. But we'll see. Now it is time
  9. It sucked. All around. Also i would remove anything in your post that could be seen as identifying info... So really any of the reference to the PM problem.
  10. I guess he hadn't finished the website or he just forgot to post it here.
  11. He'll probably need to go with something like that. I'm starting to remember what happened; we lifted his jeep, then a few months later the CV joint failed. After some research this apparently a very common problem with lifting jks because of the angle created at the joint. The boot around the joint failed, then the cv joint started to get water and dirt in it until it failed. They make aftermarket driveshafts with high angle cv joints, but idk if that would be better than the shift you have with u joints on both sides. ---- Just finished the exhaust phase on the yj. It was a much m
  12. What did people think of the Civil PE exam that was held on October 25? Particularly pertaining to construction depth. This was my first time taking the exam and I thought it was brutal. I studied my tail off and completed over 1,000 practice problems, but many of the problems on the actual exam seemed off landish and much more difficult than practice exams. I'm just curious to see how others feel about the morning session and the construction afternoon session. As always, anyone responding to this please do NOT include any specific exam information such as questions or information that should
  13. Guest

    SE Exam - Lateral 2020

    Hello All, Welcome to the SE Lateral Oct 2020. Just wanted to see how other people did on Lateral (Friday Oct 2020) test. Personally: Morning was good with some trick questions and afternoon was bad for me. Couldn't make sense of the M*d*l question with no Eig*n val*e. Any thoughts?
  14. Hi Texan, I am back. Please see my post on the exam by a guest. I will wrap up some loose ends at home and be ready to go by the end of the coming week, say Saturday or Sunday. I think I will go for both Vertical and Seismic. It does not hurt. Please let me know how you want to set this up.
  15. Before going into the exam topic, I want to say kudos to NCEES for the way they administered the test under these trying times of COVID-19. In Tucson, AZ the venue was very spacious, comfortable, well lit. The proctors also did an excellent job. Coming to the exam itself, I took the vertical only. The morning was good, the afternoon crunched for time. It is not about whether I pass or fail. Overall, I feel the exam is what it ought to be to protect public safety and above all else lives of people. A bad doctor could be killing one patient at a time; a bad structural engineer, c
  16. All Questions For The Week are posted @ in the previous weeks tab. Good luck on the exam when you get a chance to take it.
  17. I also took vertical and lateral and after doing a quick inventory last night of the PM problems I will be surprised if I passed the Lateral as I can already think of so many things that I did wrong, I feel like I totally bombed it. The vertical PM could go either way. I feel like the multiple choice questions were about the difficulty I was expecting and I think I probably got enough correct but I could obviously be wrong.
  18. I fell victim to one of these memes the other day. While standing in line to vote, all of a sudden I felt the urge to cough. Normally I would've, but there were too many people in line with me so I just did my best to hold it in. The mask was covering my funny faces at least.
  19. Hi all what is your opinion on the best calculator for surveying particularly due to the degree minutes seconds aspect of angles. I have the ti 36x pro and it is too slow for dms, the casio fx 115es plus is pretty fast with dms the only issue I have with it is that it only stores the last answer whereas the ti 36x can store and renter multiple old answers. Does anyone know a good hybrid calculator that has the dms speed of the casio ,but can store multiple entries and reuse them like the ti 36 can ?
  20. SE folks, How did you feel about your tests? I just took both lateral and vertical in Phoenix and feel it is really harder than what I expected. There are a few MCQ in the mornings are kinda tricky and had no time to work on them. I guess we will receive results in around two months.
  21. The proctor was SO LOUD when he announced 15 minutes I practically jumped out of my skin.
  22. I encountered a website with statistics for a large number of video games, specifically regarding their availability across various platforms, their sales over time and some other things and methods to visualize them I found this really helpful. Might there be other services like this that people find helpful, other than obvious ones like weather forecasting and data?
  23. It's funny how moving to a different state and city, covid just kind of feels non-existent. After having been here for 3 weeks, it's like nothing ever happened.
  24. I'm a professional engineer licensed and registered in NY state, to practice engineering work, I believe you need COA, register a company etc. My company has headquarter in a different state and for some reason they are unable to obtain COA in NY so I have to send my work to an outside PE to get my work stamped even if I'm registered PE in NY. Has anyone done this? Can you please provide brief process and will there be any conflict as I'm already employed by the corporation?
  25. Agreed. Felt I got about 22 in the PM for structural depth. Thought I was gonna see someone with a mop bucket to clean up the blood bath when time ended.
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