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2 hours ago, IHaveToPE said:

Just wanted to relay some info I was given by the board. I got impatient and called the board to make sure they had all my info and passing test results. They informed me that yes, they would be sending all the names this Friday to distribute numbers, but that the website might not be updated till Wednesday of the following week. So here’s to hoping they update the website Friday 🤞🏽

So I decided to call the Board too and I just got off the phone with my evaluator.   He also verified my all my info and reconfirmed that license numbers will be issued this Friday, but it probably wont be reflected on the License Lookup til Wednesday.

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One week left til they start issuing licenses.  Fingers crossed!  🤞

Seismic results came in today at 1:54pm!  I PASSED!!!!  DONE!!!

Surveying results are in. Passed!!! All done finally 

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