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Electro Board to Make or Manufacture

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Dear Electro Engineers

I need the following board to be manufactured, with 4 Main areas, Light Connection, Water Pump, Temperature and Most Important Wifi Connection and perhaps with Bluetooth connection.

Let me know, If I can do something myself with two or three engineers,

Please let me know all about the materials and parts and most important Recommendation.

Thank you in Advance.


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I think a little more information is needed to begin development on this project.

  • What is the main purpose of the device? Is it for automating/controlling pool equipment? Or maybe controlling a heat lamp and automatic water fill-up for a chicken coop? (I'm just throwing out some examples) The overall idea of the project is very helpful for determining the designs specifics.
  • What type of light? A 12V DC LED, a 120V AC incandescent/fluorescent, etc?
  • What is the amperage of the water pump? Do you have a specific water pump in mind or would we need to pick one out? If the latter, what sort of flow rate, etc?
  • The inclusion of WiFi/Bluetooth is very generic. Do you want wireless connections so that this device can be controlled from a computer or smartphone? If so, you'll need more than just WiFi on the device. You'll either need to have the device act as a server hosting a webpage, or have it communicate with a web server. Or is there specific wireless equipment you want this to interface with?

None of this would be very difficult, but more specifics are required so that we get a better overall picture of what you want.

And if this is just going to be a one-off sort of deal, there is plenty off-the-shelf WiFi enabled automation equipment that could be used. Heck, even an Arduino with a WiFi board (or WiFi Arduino) and relay board sounds like it would fit the bill. However, if you want to create a product to market and sell, then a custom design is the route to take.

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