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PTOE - October 2019

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Took the exam last month, it wasn't super hard, but it was challenging as it needs more memorization than the PE. 

Studied 3 days for it, did two ITE prep modules a day, Company paid for them, totally worth it if you are a lazy procrastinator like myself.

My tips:

1) Practice with the calculator, I bought mine the day before, and I would have been screwed if I didn't familiarize and set it up before the exam

2) If they give you a mini-dry erase board,  make a big fuss about it and ask for paper and pencil (I did, I got them)

3) If you are completely clueless, don't spend more than 30 seconds on a question, skip and come back later

4) morning and afternoon sessions have the same mix of questions

5) Memorize or know by hearth the following (if you don't know the acronyms... you are not ready!): 

PHF = Hourly Volume / (4 x Peak 15 mins Volume)

TAPER LENGTH  L = WS^2 (for s<40) L = WS (for s> 45)

Merging Taper = L, Shifting Taper = L/2

PRT = 2.5 seconds

Maximum grades according to design speed (70 mph - 5%, 30 mph 7 to 12%)

Driver eye height 3.5 ft, object height 2 ft

MAximum superelevation 12% (8% if snow/ice)

Road Functional Classification: Principal Arterial, Minor Arterial, Major Collector, Minor Collector, Local 

Definition of negligence and RSA

Shall is mandatory - standard, Should is advisory - guidance, May is permissive - option

Sign colors (VERY IMPORTANT!) and type (regulatory, warning, guide, information)

Speed limits are 5 mph within 85th percentile of FFS

Difference and meaning between TMS and SMS

Average walking speed is 3.5 ft/s

Urban areas with more than 50k population must have a transportation planning process, areas with 200k are TMAs

LRTP, TIP, and 4 steps model (Generation, Distribution, Mode, Assignment)

Relationship among Flow, Speed, Density and their reciprocals (Headway, TT, Spacing)

Under base conditions freeway capacity is 2,250-2,400 veh/hr/lane

Incident impact on highway capacity

Transportation Demand Management strategies

Walking phase should be at least 7 seconds, but may be reduce to 4 in special cases

Dilemma zone, signal preemption, TSP

Work Zone duration and timing (long term > 3 days, intermediate 1-3 days, Short 1-12 hours) 

Good luck!

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Still no news?

I've checked previously PTOE result delivery dates at Engineer Boards and it seems some of us should have already received their results: July 22 for the June 2019 exam, November 20 for the October 2018 exam, August 1 for the June 2018 exam, and November 24 for the October 2017 exam. It's surprising that in late 2019 there is still no online system to notify applicants of their results while they wait for their certificate to be mailed.

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Nothing yet.

Also looked into the ITE Certification tab as suggested above, but my name wasn't there... hope this is due to a delay in ITE's database update.

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Anyone got results? Nothing here yet.  The deadline to register for the February 2020 exam is tomorrow.

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On 12/13/2019 at 8:52 PM, kleo said:

I got the results today. I passed! 

Congratulations, Could you please let us know what is the passing score and how many are passed the test?

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