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Retaining Original exam state PE License

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Hi all,

Haven't posted here for a while (disappeared after passing the PE). I have question to those that have multi state license.

- Are you maintaining your original state (state you took your exam) license?

- What are the repercussion on letting the original one expire?

- Does reciprocity still work if you let go (expire) your original exam state's license?


I ask the question because my home state is PA, where I am my EIT is registered, I work in NY and due to lead time requirement of NYS, I ended up taking the test in CT (been maintaining this license the last 3 years). I was thinking of either turning my PA EIT to PE via reciprocity or get NYS license via reciprocity. SO, do I need to keep my CT license active during the time to achieve it? Can I let the CT one expire (I don't do any work in CT) and get PA or NY? (I will miss the no CEU requirements of CT)

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Your original license is with CT. If you let that expire then you may have trouble applying for license by comity in new states.

Do you need to be licensed in NY or Pennsylvania? If you don't need to stamp anything in the jurisdictions, or aren't do anything that would constitute misrepresenting yourself (i.e. having PE after your name in a professional setting with a NY address), then it shouldn't matter where you are licensed. Multiple licenses means multiple renewal fees and PDHs.

The state of origin for your EIT is meaningless. It only matters when applying for license in another state, insofar as it's another form you need to fill out and check to write to get the records transferred.  If you apply for license by comity in Pennsylvania, then your original license is still with CT. I suppose you could apply for an original license in Pennsylvania and retake and pass the exam but why would you want to punish yourself? Ditto NY.


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29 minutes ago, RBHeadge PE said:

... Multiple licenses means multiple renewal fees and PDHs....


I assume the same PDHs could be used for multiple states. I guess the requirements may be different, but if you meet the more strict requirement then you've probably also met the less strict requirement.

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Keep the license you originally obtained, as that is your basis for comity going forward.

My EIT is PA, original PE in MD, now licensed in a ton of others....

Gave up on NYS as they wanted me to redo my entire NCEES record.

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Thanks guys. I appreciate the answers. I definitely don't want to go through the torture again, had to take it twice before passing, not going to do that to myself again.

While we are on the subject of licenses. I overheard some of my colleague talk about taking different PE exam in order to stamp different discipline (HVAC and Plum). I was confused by this as the PE seal lets you sign and seal drawings of most discipline (MEP) without cross exams. Am I correct on this thinking? 

I didn't state this before but I am not stamping anything, at this point of my career, its just a title and my company to charge more money from clients.

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Most states simply list you as a "PE" and allow you to self-assess and stamp any discipline that you feel competent in. But some states list you as a "PE in your discipline (for example "PE in Mechanical Engineering") and only allow you to stamp for the discipline they were tested in. From a previous post I believe this may be the list...

The previous post was partially incorrect because Louisiana does list your discipline, but also allows you to stamp for any discipline that you're competent in, so it's somewhere in between.

District of Columbia

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