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Michael Denteh

EIT Certification

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I had my engineering degree from a Canadian University and completed the FE Exams from the state of Michigan. Currently, NCEES Michigan does not enroll candidates for EIT. They only have the PE Certification. Does anyone knows of any state that flexibly enroll Canadian degree holders into their EIT Certification. The state of Washington does accept CEAB- accredited degrees but you will have to select (according to their  NCCES board requirements) Washington state when registration for the FE exam; which I did know and did not. Most states require USA Social Insurance Number for the registration which I don't have. Its difficult getting junior Civil Eng jobs here in Canada but have had couple of phone interviews from firms in the state. I want to consider the EIT Certification for more opportunities.

Open to all and will welcome suggestions from all; including, Canadian degree EIT holders working in the state.


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