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Work Experience Requirement For PE Exam

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Hello Everyone, 

I am new person and I could not find the answer to my question in this forum. 

1.I wanted to ask if teaching in the university in the engineering department could count as a engineering work experience especially if the person has offered lab sections.

2.How about a Masters degree or even Ph.D.? Would those years of being research assistant and working in the lab count as work experience?

3. If a company that I have worked for years ago is not in existence anymore how can I prove it? Would some old pay stubs acceptable to the board?

Sorry for all random questions. If I have to ask these questions in another section of this forum please let me know

Thank you

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The answers to your questions are going to vary by state. NCEES creates, administers, and scores the FE and PE exams, but each state board sets all the requirements for licensure in that state, including what the requirements are to sit for the exam. I don't know what state you're in, but I'd recommend going to your state board's website and reading their documentation (application instructions, laws & rules, etc), and contact them directly with any questions. 

For example, I'm in Louisiana, so I'm pretty familiar with the Louisiana rules.

  • Engineering teaching experience and engineering faculty research do count as credible work experience.
  • As a student, obtaining a master's degree is specified to count for 1 year of experience, and obtaining a doctoral degree is specified to count for 2 years of experience (regardless of the actual time taken to complete).
  • In order to have work experience count someone must fill out and sign a form saying that your description of your work is accurate (you have to provide a technical description of your work experience), preferably a supervisor and preferably a PE, but anyone that knows your work is acceptable. So even if the company has closed you need a person that you worked with to vouch for you, because it's not just confirming that you worked there; it's confirming that what you did while you were there was technical engineering.

But like I said, these details are going to vary by state.

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