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April 2019 Civil - WRE Results

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On 5/16/2019 at 9:10 AM, civilMC said:

I also had all of the PE prepared books this time, as well as the NCEES practice exams and the two EET practice exams.  I created an index of every type of practice problem I had so that i could quickly locate a similar problem.  In all honesty, I totally thought I nailed this round.  I probably did 5-6 practice exams. 

I did a little bit better the second attempt than my first when comparing diagnostics but still not good enough.  I will look into the other books you mentioned.  Didn't do great this round in wastewater, ground water and OCF which I strangely did great at in my first attempt. 

I am starting to think maybe I don't even need to do another practice course. Maybe just some fresh materials and practice exams will help me.  For reference, I got 42/80 last year and 50/80 this year.

Sorry to hear you didn't pass again. What was your AM/PM split? If you don't mind, please post your diagnostic report so we can help you improve your weaknesses.

You improved from 42 to 50 but was it mainly on AM or PM, or 4 each? Without knowing the split, it's hard to find out your weakness so that a test strategy can be developed for October 2019. And you thought you nailed the topics that you did great the first time, but they can ask literally anything that you may not know of. Do not skip and skim through those topics this time around.

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On 5/14/2019 at 10:26 AM, MTEngineer said:

No I agree with you - I felt the afternoon was way heavier on environmental than the practice test or 6-minute solutions. I felt great about the morning, but the afternoon was so much harder than I expected.

I did school of PE for WRE and got a 0 out of 6 on wastewater and 1 out of 6 on water. We had 6 other engineers sign up in the office for the on-demand class and everyone did poorly as well. One girl in my office passed but I wonder if she just got luck. I think the afternoon was super hard. Are practice test the answer? or EET as an alternative study course?

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