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conjoin 2 ponds

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Hello; I joined this forum because I need an engineering mind to help solve a problem and hope someone here can help. I'm trying to join what will be 2 ponds (old, new) that are placed near each other, into one larger one (without temporarily holding the water and fish currently in the old pond off site - the idea being I have a lot of fish and keeping the old water is important). Between the two is approximately 2 feet of earth, 44" in height. 

My thought is to dig the 'new' hole, buy a liner that fits both 'new' and 'old' pond in totality, (I'd dig the new pond deeper), transfer as much water from the old to the new as I can and all the fish, then after pulling out the old liner, let the remaining 'unused' liner from the new roll into the now empty 'old' pond. I need some way to temporarily 'hold' back the water in the new pond while easing the liner into the old pond basin. In essence, the 'new' pond would take as much old water as possible, all the fish, and the unused portion would be rolled, waiting to be let down into the old hole once empty. 

I'm assuming there's water pressure and force to deal with and the liner by itself (in the new) would never be strong enough without the 'unexcavated' earth barrier in place. I need to join then one hole to the other, all while housing the 'old' water and the fish in the new. So, something which would give me some sort of control/structure (the hold part) and the ability to excavate the 'earth barrier' between the 2 ponds, then allow me to finish putting in the liner and let the water in the new portion flow back into the 'old' part once again (the control part). I'd then add water to fill fully.

Specifics are; Dimensions of the old are approx 6' x 16', 44" deepest point and 2700 gallons. The new would be similar at 8' x 16', and 5' depth, >3000 additional gallons. So in essence, I want to create a minimal 4' wide channel from one to the other.

I'm figuring I'd have the best chance of structurally holding back the water in the new (somehow) while excavating the earth barrier between, if I kept this 'channel' narrower but functional still. I'd be nice to excavate the whole 10' facing length between the two, but that might be a lot harder problem for which to 'engineer' an answer. If there's a way, let me know!

I'm not sure this request is in the correct forum but if anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it. Keeping as much of the old water as possible is important and minimal temporary holding time of the fish is as well, hence why I'm looking for some way to 'join 2 ponds into one' using a double sized liner to replace the existing one with as little chaos as possible.

I'm attaching a rough drawing in case I'm not being clear.

Can anyone help with this project?

Thanks in advance.


Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 12.43.06 PM.png

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