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Civil Water Resources Materials

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All materials are in excellent condition, except the Chelapati Volume V, which has some spine damage that has created some loose pages.


Chelapati Volume V, Secion 10 (Hydraulics) and Section 11 (Hydrology) — 9th Edition 

Chelapati Volume VI, Section 12 (Water Supply and Water Quality) — 9th Edition [excellent condition]

Chelapati Volum VI, Section 13 (Wastewater Engineering) — 9th Edition 

PPI Six-Minute Solutions Water Resources and Environmental Problems — not sure about edition, but ISBN 978-–59126-139-1

PPI Civil PE Sample Examination (with an afternoon session for all disciplines) — Fourth Edition, ISBN 978-1-59126-387-6

PPI Water Resources and Environmental Depth Practice Exams (includes 2 exams) — not sure about edition, but ISBN 978-1-59126-396-8 

PPI 101 Solved Environmental Engineering Problems — not sure about edition, but ISBN 1-888577-61-4


A bunch of material that will REALLY help you prepare for the exam!  $300 will get you the whole package, plus I’ll add in all of the 75 problems (205 pages) of solved tricky exam-realistic problems that I’ve created and sell at


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