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Gear wear rig

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Hi all,

Below I've attached a sketch of the rig designed to wear down the gears.f

Firstly my project idea is to test the durability and overall wear of plastic & 3D printed gears however the 3D prints will be electroplated to see what difference it potentially makes.

The idea of the rig is to have a motor attached to the two gears which I wanna see being worn down. In order to do so however I need to determine the load that they'll be working on and I am not sure how to approach it so it's most efficient.

The pulley would have a belt which would be sliding on top with a mass attached on one side this way I can add on more weight to increase the friction and therefore the load if needed, and the other side is would have the belt fixed.

My question is as I feel a bit stuck now for calculations and general of where to start off with the calculations as I will need to work a little backwards.

Should I select the gears first, and find out what the teeth maximum load is? From there determine the friction torque of the pulley and then determine the required motor?

Apologies in the sketch the pulley should be going clockwise



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Consult with your Shigley under surface durability.

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