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Power Electronics References

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Good morning,

Can anyone please recommend references for power electronics? Inverters and rectifiers (specifically 3 phase) are definitely a weak spot in my understanding and references.

The references I've found online thusfar seem to get too detailed for what is needed for the PE exam. I'm looking to increase my understanding of waveforms and for documentation of simple equations like diode reverse voltage, which I didn't have anywhere in my notes. Not having this simple equation makes me wonder what other basics I'm missing!



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I bought Power Electronics by Daniel W. Hart. ISBN 978-0-07-338067-4.

It goes into a decent amount of detail without being overwhelming. The main equations are boxed out for each type of circuit to make them clearly identifiable. There's a little bit of talk and then there's waveforms shown along with equations that are needed. I actually like it. It's simple and gets to the point. 17 people gave it 5-stars on Amazon.

Main chapters include:

  • Half-Wave Recitifiers (RL loads, RL - Source Loads, Freewheeling Diode, With Capacitive Filter, Controlled Half-Wave with Thyristors)
  • Full-Wave Recitfiers (Single-Phase, Controlled Full-Wavew with Thyristors, Three-Phase, Controlled Three-Phase)
  • Voltage Controllers
  • Static VAR control.
  • Single and Three Phase Inverters

If you have the Wildi book that will also bridge the gap between motors and power electronics. Hope this helps.

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This is also a pretty good recap (by the previous poster) of references that includes some power electronics material:


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