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Need advice on my career progression

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I come from Spain. I have the equivalent of Associate's Degree in Chemical Engineering (but a 3 year degree), a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering (4 years degree) and I am now studying a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering. I have some relevant experience in Power Generation EPC, Oil & Gas EPC in Spain, Bulk Material Handling in Mexico and an Internship of Wastewater Treatment in Spain. I can't find a job in Spain but I do not mind emigrate to another country as I did before when I went to Mexico.

I wanted to ask you if you would consider Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering to be enough to get a job in the field or similar fields, I am also considering to study a PhD in case I am not able to find a job but I would need a lot of motivation to do so. At this time, I would be interested in Power Generation, Petroleum / Oil & Gas, Chemical Processes. In Spain there is only a University in Barcelona offering a PhD in Process Engineering and I've also seen a university in Europe offering a Petroleum PhD: Norwegian University of Science and Technology. I hope I don't require a VISA to study in Norway since I come from Spain, a country which is part of European Union.

Regarding setting up a career in the field, I've noticed at the time I emigrated to Mexico that Mexico is not a great country for Chemical Engineers but at least better than Spain at this moment, still I don't find enough jobs there. Sadly, I see that Chemical Engineering has poor job prospects in comparison with the strongest disciplines in engineering: civil, mechanical and electrical, those have by far more jobs opportunities and prospects. I have been advised before but anyway, this is the life I chose. My wife, who is mexican and a PhD in her field is enouraging me to look for jobs in Europe since my passport and nationality let me to work in some countries without a VISA. I am ready to adapt to other fields as well since I don't see many opportunities in this field, mechanicals usually crush me in selection processes here in Spain, they are by far more demanded than me.

One of my deepest worries is whether I am enough educated to develop a job in the field, is Master's Degree enough? I've seen that in some countries in Europe such as Belgium and Germany, a PhD is required in a fair number of jobs, in Switzerland otherwise half of the jobs I've found or even 75% ask for PhD. I have been looking for jobs in other countries as well: Peru, Argentina, China, South Africa, Egypt, Singapore.

I am now 33. I have too many questions, I would appreciate if you can bring me some light with my career progression.

Thank you in advance. Sincerely,


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