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Max length of Period for foreign experience using NCEES Record

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I have foreign experience and I am going to apply for PE License using NCEES Record. I have worked for almost 5.5 year for same company with same team design team. Should I break it down to interval of every two years to be qualified for NY PE License? or I can submit the whole 5.5 years period in one record?

Any similar experience or recommendation would be appreciated!



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Most states ask for a breakdown by project. If most of your work is similar you can group it by overall length within company. If you work on large long-term projects, you should try to break it down by individual projects and what your tasks were for each project. The board is usually looking to see growth and more leadership in your work. For example, if you just do CAD work for 5.5 years you most likely won't be approved for the exam. If you were team leader for any projects, make sure you detail size of project, how many people worked under you, what portion of theproject you oversaw etc.

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I think you need to break it down. I applied for the MD license. I also used foreign experience and not only they asked me to break it down, but also I was also asked to submit work sample. the preparation part is just pain in the butt. I am just happy all is done now. 

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