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CA Application References & NCEES Record

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Does your employment references on the CA application need to match your NCEES record references? I am applying for the state specific CA tests to get a CA license through comity. In the instructions on the application it states the following on the engagement summary page:


ALL THE NAMES OF YOUR REFERENCES MUST BE LISTED ON THIS PAGE. Failure to complete this page may cause your application to be deemed incomplete. For California work, each engagement claimed as qualifying experience MUST have a reference from a licensed California Professional Engineer in responsible charge licensed in the discipline for which you are applying, unless exempt from licensure. For work out of state or country, references must be from a person in responsible charge legally authorized to practice engineering in the state or country where the projects are located during the period of the engagement. 

This makes no sense to me since why would your references need to match each engagement i.e. I have 5 references from one employer and none from another, but have both employments listed for engagement verification only. Any clarification would be helpful, thanks

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