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Opinions regarding Education choice

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Hello my dear collegues! I'm really glad to find you and this forum as well! I am introducing myself by kindly asking for your opinion on something that troubles me a lot, and since I don't want to plague you at all, I will try to be as short as I can and get straight to the point.

I am a BSc(Hons) Engineering Geologist with 4,5 years of experience on research and consulting, and currently, I am also almost in the middle of my studies as a Mining & Metallurgical Engineer candidate majoring in Geo-engineering (Geotechnical Engineering) at the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, where I would be awarded a 5-year engineering diploma (BSc and integrated M.Eng). Prior enrolling at NTUA I made an attempt to apply as an engineering geologist for graduate studies in geological engineering at some US colloges, and some of them accepted me with funding opportunities. However, back then, due to personal issues, I couldn't leave the country so I decided to enroll at NTUA for the MME diploma and to abandon the idea of the US college. Now, given the situation here with the financial crisis at its best, I have another chance to leave Greece for a US college with funding again, to obtain a MSc in the Geological Engineering field. So, I would like for your opinion what should be the best choice, given the current market demand

First choice: Stay in Greece, complete my 5 – year diploma in mining & metallurgical engineering (majoring in Geoengineering) which is considered BSc(hons) and integrated M.Eng degree since I love this field as well as NTUA, and at the same time to go on obtaining more experience as a consultant in Engineering geology and geotechnical engineering? , or

Second choice: Abandon NTUA, go to the US for a MSc in geological engineering, and work mainly as a teaching assistant (and maybe as a research assistant)?

Which, in your opinion, could make a better choice in terms of job market?

Thank you all in advance! :)

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Difficult choice. I think that only you know how to make it correctly.

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