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This seemed like the best sub to ask for career advice. If I'm wrong, I apologize!

I majored in engineering because I liked problem solving, learning how things work, and unique challenges. In the working world I come across new challenges occasionally, however, even after a couple of workplace changes, working as an engineer just isn't fulfilling to me anymore. Because of that, I don't see my career progressing much further without any real passion.

Business seems to be my natural path. I'm planning on going back for an MBA and changing careers to something totally different. I'm skilled in programming, Excel, making presentations, and utilizing big data (ArcGIS). I love to imagine myself at the executive level at some water company or consulting company, making big decisions and increasing profits. 

My questions:

1) Has anyone from this board made a similar move? Is the grass greener? 

2) How rare would it be to find a position that would require/utilize both CE and business knowledge? I don't exactly want my degree and PE to go to waste either. 


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You don't need an MBA.  Why not just get into business without an MBA?

Most water company executives are Civil Engineers and usually get an MBA (that the company pays for).

Most executives at consulting companies don't have MBA's either.

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