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Hello from Washington State

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Hello Engineers and Future Engineers,

My name is David.

Kind of went a different career route.

Don't have a degree. Went through an apprenticeship with the Navy / DOD as a power plant dispatcher and substation electrician. Went to work as a NETA and NICET certified acceptance testing technician (relays, transformers, switchgear etc...). Been designing and doing studies under a PE for about 10 years now. All in all, I've been in the electrical industry going on 30 years now.

Studied my butt off for the last 13 months or so. Took the FE exam in May of this year (2014). This was the third time (first two several years ago under the old paper format). Passed it - I'll just assume I got 100% correct, not that it matters. :)

Took the PE in October. Feel like I did pretty well. I was getting around 92-96% correct on the practice exams for the PE by the time I finished studying.

Looking forward to getting that "PASSED" notice very soon!

Enjoying the forums. Thanks for putting together a good site.

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so power protection means you are the guardian of unicorns?

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