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dear fellow engineers

i have started working on POWER OCT

but i dnt know but i always find Wildi book very overwhealming

can u all please suggest me the chapters or the topic i should not miss out.

thank you all,

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Try this:

Wildsoldier PE provided a good summary of what to look at in the Wildi book. See below.

Which chapters should I study on the Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems by Wildi?

Thank you

From Wildi....if i was you i study:
Chapter 1---show you how to use the per unit
Chapter 2 ---If you don't remember the basics of KVL, KCL etc.
Chapter 3, 4, 5....i barely touch it....is DC generators and motors...so no need to worry about those.
Chapter 7-12 ---needs to be studied....discussed power and transformers.---this is like 45% of the exam.
Chapter 13-15--needs to be studied....it discussed motors....when i study for the PE i concentrate on motors not generators....generators is the same thing but reverse.
Chapter 17---needs to be studied... synchronous motor.
Chapter 21--needs to be studied....power electronics....from power electronics you just need to know if the input wave look like this how would look the output wave.
Chapter 24- gives you an understanding of how the power is generated....i read it... interesting chapter.
Chapter 25 & 26- Transmission and distribution.....these are important chapters that needs to be studied....in fact there was a question in the real exam that i answer the question from one of those chapters.
Chapter 30 - Harmonics you at least need to know what cause it....what is a 2nd order 3rd order...etc. I wouldn't skip this one.

Those are the chapters that i studied from the Wildi book....Is a bunch of stuff to study but usually every chapter takes about a week....I prepare for 1 year and a half for the PE thats why i had time to read all those chapters. If you are taking it on april and you haven't study anything and starting right now...probably Wildi is not the way to go...probably you would need a refresher course that goes more fast paced.

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Your best strategy is it solve as many problems as possible and use all other books as reference material during your study and in the exam room.

Wildi is a great reference and also a big one (almost 1000 pages) and by the time you finish studying it, October will be around the corner and you won't have enogh time to practice solving problems!

Just my two cents!

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I used it as a reference, more so than trying to memorize everything in the book. It is great for learning important topics (i.e. topics at hand) quickly.

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I believe another major key to passing the exam is to understand the basic fundamental principles and concepts of all of the power exam topics listed by NCEES. If you understand the main concepts well solving the problems mathematically will be easy also you will know where to look up things in your different references for the conceptual type problems. Also another thing to keep in mind when attempting to solve the calculation type of problems is not to get hung up on looking for a particular numerical value, but understand how the major principles of the topics relate to the correct answer to a problem.

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