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TV - What are you watching?

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20 hours ago, Road Guy said:

I cant figure out a way to DVR my Digital Antenna?

Google "over the air DVR."  There's several options out there.  My mom's been using one I bought her for years.  The down side is being over the air there isn't a built-in guide, so you have to set up the recordings by the clock.  Old-school VHS style.  I think Tivo might have an option with a guide, but I think you have to pay a subscription fee for it.


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16 hours ago, Road Guy said:

I also saw they are doing a reboot of another show I never watched, Murphy Brown?


Is Married with Children going to be next?

Murphy Brown was a pretty good show.  All of the original actors must be pretty long in the tooth by now.  I wonder how it will go.

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I thought the new "Murphy Brown" was supposed to be picking up where it left off, not really a reboot.

I got a video adapter for the computer hooked up to my TV.  Lets me plug the house antenna in and watch regular TV through the computer (which doesn't mean a whole lot since you can just watch regular TV on the TV), but it also lets me use my computer as a DVR.  Kind of the same thing, you have to set the channel and time, and it's a little quirky but I really only use it to record Bengals games if I'm not going to be home.


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