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How is the passing score determined?

A passing score on an NCEES exam is the number of correct answers or points required to indicate a knowledge level necessary to meet a minimum performance standard for a discipline.

For the first offering of an examination in a new subject area, or when a significant change in the content of the examination occurs, the passing score of that exam is determined by a specially appointed committee of licensed subject-matter experts. The committee members are selected based on their expertise, their knowledge of the ability level of candidates at the stage of their career covered by the examination, and the diversity they bring to the committee with respect to such factors as their area of specialization within the profession. Using a process that is widely accepted in the testing profession, the committee assesses the examination performance that may be expected of a minimally competent examinee. After the NCEES examination committee reviews the committee's work for reasonableness, the passing score is established. Beginning with the October 2005 administration, candidates will receive results of "Pass" or "Fail" only. Failing candidates will no longer receive a numerical score.


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