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REMC System Model

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Hello all,

I am a working engineer and am going to school part time to earn a masters. This is somewhat of a survey to help out with my thesis. Any help you could give would be very much appreciated.

These questions are geared specifically toward REMCs. If you work for a different electric utility though, please feel free to answer (and indicate what type of power utility you work for/with).

1. Do you keep records of what poletop units you use? That is, can I point to a point on a map and have you tell me whether a pole is C-1, A-2, etc.

2. If so, do you take this into account in your impedance model?

3. If you do not keep these records, how do you model the distance between conductors?

4. Do you transpose the phases throughout your system (and I mean actually on the circuits... not just in the model)? Is it full or partial transposition?

5. Do you model mutual capacitance?

6. Do you model parallel circuits (like 12.47kV on a 34.5kV tower)?

What I'm really looking for is common practices for rural distribution systems that are not true to the academic theory. I intend to compare an academic model to a real-world model and determine just how different the models are. So if you have any other suggestions for real world assumptions or generalizations not true to theory, please comment on that as well.

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