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Environ. Engineering for afternoon test?-Reference

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I have decided to take Environmental Engineering for the afternoon test. I would really appreciate it if someone could suggest the best study material available for the same. Help!



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Hey Neha,

I took Environmental in the PM and passed. This is what I did to pass the exam.

-Get familiar with the whole environmental formulae in NCEES reference manual, and also couple of formulae in civil engineering section.

-Solve as many as problems you can, practice, practice, practice

I used Environmental Discipline-Specific Review for the FE/EIT Exam by Ashok V. Naimpally, FE Environmental Sample Questions and Solutions Book-NCEES, solved couple of problems from Metcalf & Eddy and solved the problems from www.eitexam.com.

Hope this helps and good luck on the exam.

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I agree with the above post but would also suggest reviewing a good "introduction to environmental engineerig" textbook. The NCEES and Naimpally books were good but didnt cover the entire range of possible questions.

All that aside, even if you only used NCEES and Naimpallys books, study hard and you should do well. Those were the only texts that I used and passed the first time but I practically memorized the material. I suggest answering all the questions at least three times. Balancing study time for the AM and PM can be tough but you can do it!

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