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Civil Engineering Salary Question

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I am currently looking to see what I should ask for in a raise at the company I work. Here is some of my background and hopefully maybe you guys can help me out.

I work at a Not-For-Profit company in upstate New York (about 55 employees), designing a variety structures, mainly for agricultural use. I passed the PE Exam Last April (woo hoo!) and I have talked with my supervisor and there have been talks to putting me in a Senior Engineer position, where I would review about 5 other engineers work and possibly be stamping some designs. So my question is, how much should I ask for? I have approximately 7 years of experience, I currently make mid 40s, but have really good benefits, 3 weeks of vacation, 1 week sick time, 3 personal days, company pays 90% of insurance, and have a 403(B) where the company puts in 8% of your salary in without having you to match that. If you guys could help out. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

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That's low man. I was making more than that without an engineering degree or a PE with the same amount of experience while working in the environmental field.

Mid 40s is what my last company offered entry level engineers with zero years of experience.

But you do work for a nonprofit. I'm sure that is the reason your pay is low. If it fulfilling work, stick with and ask for whatever they are willing to give you.

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