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PE CIVIL - Study Material for sell- STR., GEO, CONST., TRANS, WATER

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I have Just passed my PE exams in last october 2011 & have study bunch of material for SELL.

I am selling

TEST master morning & afternoon - COnstruction, transportaion, Structures ,geotech, WAter ( with work shops )

SIX MINUTE solutions ( BREATH ONLY)-- Transportation, Water & environmental- $ 35 each

SIX MINUTE solutions (DEPTH & BREATH)- GEOTECH & structures

Kaplan review for all-$70

SCHOOL OF PE ( DEPTH & BREATH ) -- Structures ,geotech,COnstruction, transportaion, WAter

SCHOOL OF PE workshops-- Structures ,geotech,COnstruction, transportaion, WAter

NCEES solved sample problems-- GEOTECH ( DEPTH ) + breath

101 solved problems - structure, Transportation, Geotech, ,construction, Water & environmental - $60

I also have all structural codes for sale.

If any 1 is interested email me at prachidesai1312@yahoo.com. i can send you some sample material as well.

Thanks & good luck :) :) :)


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